What we do

​We grow the city

Established in 1933, the Toronto Wholesale Produce Association is the voice of the wholesaler tenants located at the Ontario Food Terminal. Started by a group of wholesalers supplying retailers in Toronto and surrounding areas, the Association has grown to service communities across Ontario, Québec and Eastern Canada.

As TWPA wholesalers, we supply independent grocers, restaurants, caterers and many other food-related businesses with an array of fresh produce and bulk foods, including an abundant selection that is locally grown. Not only do we make it possible for small and mid-size businesses to thrive, the work we do encourages quality and variety, keeps prices competitive and contributes to the overall vitality of the many communities we serve. We’re proud to say, we grow the city.


​We grow small business

The Association’s main objective has always been to create the stable, convenient conditions needed for a consistent supply of fresh produce. A big part of our success is due to how we manage financial transactions with our customers.

By extending credit privileges, we offer customers a convenient way to shop and to simplify their accounting. Instead of multiple invoices, credit customers receive just one TWPA statement. It saves small businesses money and frees up their time to focus on more important things, like growth. Find out how you can become a TWPA credit customer .

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We grow farms

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our farmers, and we’re lucky to have them at the Market. In fact, the Ontario Food Terminal is the only wholesale produce market in North America that houses over 400 farmers right on-site, offering a direct link between city and country. Operating year-round, but busiest during the local harvest peak between May and October, our Farmers’ Market brings area growers together. This makes it easy for TWPA tenants to buy local produce. The Market also gives farmers a chance to sell directly to our business clientele and to teach them about all the fresh, unique varieties from our local farms. Great for our farmers. Great for our customers. Great for all of us who love to eat and support local!

Recognizing the value of local farmers, we are proud to have helped establish the Toronto Farmers Association. The TFA offers farmers and their customers the same kind of privileges that the TWPA gives its members and customers.  Become a TFA customer  and reap the benefits of what our farmers sow!

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​We grow community

Each of our members has a long history of giving to many different charitable organizations. For greater impact, the membership decided to collectively focus support on a few special partnerships.


FoodShare plays an important role in delivering fresh produce to healthy meal programs throughout Toronto schools. Healthy bodies give rise to creative minds, the foundation of our future. Our donations help secure the continued delivery of these programs to over 40 000 school children throughout Toronto.

Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest

We regularly donate time-sensitive produce to the food banks and food rescue programs respectively operated by Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest. Everyone deserves access to healthy food including the most vulnerable within our society. This is why we supplement our donations of fruits and vegetables with monetary contributions.


We know nutrition is fundamental to our well-being, but to what extent? SickKids is at the forefront of researching the effects of nutrition on healing and growth in children. TWPA has donated to SickKids' work in this area for years, which we feel is vital for the future of children around the world.

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We grow together

Naturally, we love our fruit and vegetables, but even Nature needs a helping hand! That’s why we’re pleased to support our industry partners’ initiatives that place fresh, healthy food top of mind and on all of our plates.